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Free Download!!

This is a very Rare! live set from Absolute Chancer. 

Recorded back in 2007 on the Korg Electribe for STFU Festival in Edinburgh this features some seriously forward thinking grooves akin to those being made today by the likes of Lone, Lando Kal, Neil Landstrom and plenty more besides.

Suku's Warped Beats

Suku is our main man here at Unstable Beats. He has got to be, Hands Down, the most original producer out there, and in a league of his own. Taking funny samples and fusing it with future sounding synths and tricky drums to create a hypnotic and immersive experience, while keeping your feet firmly on the dance floor. His latest 4 track, are available on soundcloud, get right on it and put them in your favorites.

Facebook root music page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suku/117800791596319?v=app_178091127385

Latest tracks by Suku

Little Boxing Day Pressie for you;

Suku Live - A Sneaky peak at what’s coming from our main man.

This set gathers a lot of Suku’s classic production skills along with some of his forthcoming releases and some new beats and ideas which may develop in the future. This mix is deep at 45 mins but it will have you listening again and again and have you eagerly awaiting his debut EP. Can’t wait!!