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Lone knocks out the tropical vibes on his latest track “supernova Looms” with a crazy off beat snare, Trippy! 

2 Dead Crew - Attack of the subs

In Response to the Previous post, 2 Dead Crew have sent us a mix of their post dubstep apocalypse sound, lets see if these “zombie puppet masters” are in control.

2 Dead Crew Mix - Attack Of The Subs by Uniquebeats on Mixcloud

Suku's Warped Beats

Suku is our main man here at Unstable Beats. He has got to be, Hands Down, the most original producer out there, and in a league of his own. Taking funny samples and fusing it with future sounding synths and tricky drums to create a hypnotic and immersive experience, while keeping your feet firmly on the dance floor. His latest 4 track, are available on soundcloud, get right on it and put them in your favorites.

Facebook root music page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suku/117800791596319?v=app_178091127385

Latest tracks by Suku


Honestly I Love this guy, and he’s our guy! This is his latest bed room fuck about and sums him up in a one-r cheeky! 

Wonky house vibe on this one mad as hell its a must listen.

Check out his tumblr where he has his new feature midi monday, where he takes a midi track and transforms it into a cheeky electronic banger


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Suku Joins Unstable Beats

Future Electronic Musician Suku has joined Unstable beats with New Releases planned for early next year.



Over the next couple of days we will be posting some of his archive remixes which are a little too cheeky for commercial release, fell free to download and use in what ever way you like.

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For more info on Suku check out his myspace..