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Thursday Night Warm Up at Bloc March 2011. 

A selection of the DJ’s that played for us early birds on the Thursday night, which turned out to be an amazing night!! proper wonky electronic music with a techno edge and a bit of old skool into the mix for good measure. I hope you enjoy this, Got videos of all the DJ’s/Acts i seen from the weekend so watch this space.

Coming Soon…. Jerome Hill, Siriusmo, Lone, LFO, Untold, Luke Vibert, DJ Funk, Legowelt, Boxcutter, Laurent Garnier & more.

Updated: Jerome Hill

Jerome Hill Bloc from Unstablebeats on Vimeo.

This is the amazing sights of the 360 Dome visuals during Jerome hill’s set on Friday night and i must say, i am now a Jerome hill Fan! The guy is awesome even if he is more of a techno DJ, i love it!!

Updated: Siriusmo

Untitled from Unstablebeats on Vimeo.

Next up Siriusmo. I was really looking forward to seeing this guy and he didn’t disappoint! Played a lot of stuff from his new album “Mosaik” plus a good load of older stuff that really got me into him in the first place like too simple. Really looking forward to rinsing his new album and seeing what remixes come off the back of it.

Updated: LONE

This is LONE playing at Bloc last month, He completely rocked it, i was pretty ruff, that’s why i was up the back at the front, but as soon as i heard jupiter jazz i got all emotional and had to go down the front to dance with tears in my eyes. He played all the ravey tunes that he’s done along with some stone cold classics, really looking forward to raving it up again in Edinburgh!! :)


It’s been a while in coming but here is Untold rinsing it like no one else at Bloc. His sound is truly unique, he is not much of a showman but the sounds shine on their own.

Unstable Beats Top 50 Electronic Tracks of 2010

2010 is coming to a close, so as a wee treat we have compiled our Top 50 Tracks of the year. In our opinion these are the most forward thinking tunes around right now. With gems from the likes of Lone, Falty DL, Slugabed, Baconhead, Mount Kimbie and plenty more besides. We’ve tried to keep it to one track per artist to get a good cross section of the releases this year. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as this has been one hell of a year for future music and narrowing it down to just 50 was some task. Lucky we have a genius side bar which should point you in the right direction of other artists of a similar ilk.

Really hope you get as much enjoyment out of this playlist as we have, please leave some feedback. And we’ll keep you posted of more new releases in 2011, stay safe! :)